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About Us

Our Mission

The real estate industry is conservative, old-fashioned and slow to change. At Entralon, we've made it our mission to change that. But how have we done this?

Global network

We’ve provided agents and developers with new opportunities to make positive connections

Consultancy and support

We’ve given international investors and buyers one intuitive web-based solution for a myriad of different international and high-value transactions

International online marketplace

We’ve produced one online platform that can be used confidently and securely for real estate purchases anywhere in the world

User-friendly Platform

We’ve based Entralon on a user-friendly online dashboard – bringing together diverse partner organisations – to streamline the whole property buying process

Our vision

To ensure we continue to meet the changing demands of the real estate industry, we want to be the first choice in web-based solutions for the global real estate market, providing value-added support for buyers, investors, agents and developers and:


Support increasing amounts of international real estate purchases online


Attract new players into internet-based property sourcing and acquisition


Provide value-added transactional consultancy and support for property investors


Underpin secure, seamless and agile international real estate purchases


Optimise the opportunities of cryptocurrency real estate deals


Improve communication and collaboration between international new build developers and agents, and their target customers.

Our Team

Who is Entralon? A team drawing together global expertise and insights into international property sourcing, financing, negotiations and purchases

Farid Zadeh Bagheri CEO & Founder
Andrew Korolev Product Director
Marc Preston Development Manager
Reza Zadeh Bagheri Regional Manager
Payam Jamaly Executive Manager (Turkey)
Amina Gasanova Sales Negotiator
Anil Inan Regional Partnership Manager, Sales Mentor
Ekaterina Bauer Partnership Manager
Siobhan Hutchinson Sales Negotiator
Turaj Najafi Sales Negotiator
Avesta Sadeghi Sales Negotiator
Adel Valaie Sales Negotiator
Mozan Najafi Sales Negotiator
Mahsa Yazdan Bakhsh Senior Administration Manager
Shadi Yazdan Bakhsh Administration Manager
Nazanin Abehesht Content Designer
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37 Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA, United Kingdom


İzzetpaşa, Yeniyol Sk, 34387 Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey