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Entralon.com - The Future of the Real Estate

Entralon.com - The Future of the Real Estate

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We deliver a transformational internet-based platform for international and remote new-build real estate transactions to bring the property marketplace closer together, achieving agile and secure control, for buyers, investors, developers and agents.

Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing.

John Stuart Mill, English Philosopher, and Economist

Who is Entralon?

A company drawing together global expertise and insights into international property sourcing, financing, negotiations and purchases.

Why is this needed now?

Traditional real estate purchasing systems and practices are cumbersome, time-consuming and fraught with difficulties. The COVID-19 pandemic threw a spotlight on how quickly situations can change, and how important digital based solutions are.

This makes it the perfect time to switch to a unique seamless, web-based system of locating and buying international property – or showcasing your new build schemes to remote buyers.

For anyone new to building a property portfolio – or seeking their first real estate overseas – it becomes a far more assured, well informed and transparent experience. 

Making Entralon’s disruptive Property Tech the right place to complete real estate deals, and NOW the right time to engage with it.

Especially if you want to stay one step ahead of competitors, still reliant on out dated methods!

Our mission

The real estate industry is conservative, old-fashioned and slow to change. At Entralon, we've made it our mission to change that. But how have we done this?

• By producing one online platform that can be used confidently and securely for real estate purchases anywhere in the world.

• By giving international investors and buyers one intuitive web-based solution for a myriad of different international and high-value transactions. 

• By providing agents and developers with new opportunities to make positive connections.

• By basing Entralon on a user-friendly online dashboard – bringing together diverse partner organisations – to streamline the whole property buying process. 

Our vision

To ensure we continue to meet the changing demands of the real estate industry, we want to:

• Be the first choice in web-based solutions for the global real estate market, providing value-added support for buyers, investors, agents and developers. 

• Support increasing amounts of international real estate purchases online.

• Attract new players into internet-based property sourcing and acquisition.

• Provide value-added transactional consultancy and support for property investors.

• Underpin secure, seamless and agile international real estate purchases.

• Optimise the opportunities of cryptocurrency real estate deals.

• Improve communication and collaboration between international new build developers and agents, and their target customers.

Entralon tackles the ‘pains’ - and boosts the ‘gains’

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. If you need to check on the progress of real estate transactions – or explore new opportunities to purchase property – this ground-breaking online platform puts the entire process under your control.

Due to its expert programming – and the connected way it gathers decision-makers into one place – you benefit from end to end exploration, fact-checking, negotiations and legal activities to support real estate deals.

The platform integrates and connects involvement from real estate buyers, new build developers or owners, agents (Entralon), sub-agents, finance brokers, solicitors, interior designers, money transfer services, property management providers and others involved in the real estate market.  

Creating this virtual collaborative team ensures information can be gathered and shared in an instant. 

Secure and confident international property transactions – with fingertip control.

Most popular properties

19.05.2021 12:55:46
£ 3299000.00 240 m2
27.09.2021 14:14:16
£ 720000.00 139 m2
19.05.2021 12:56:22
£ 846500.00 79.8 m2

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Most popular properties

19.05.2021 12:56:25
£ 238995.00 80.5 m2
19.05.2021 12:56:35
£ 529000.00 76.5 m2
19.05.2021 12:55:55
£ 925000.00 190 m2

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