Sending funds overseas?

International money transfer

International property buyers will definitely deal with sending their funds to the country of purchase.

Also, it may be necessary to concentrate required amount of money to make a purchase from bank accounts dispersed all over the world, different bank accounts which may belong to different people, buyers’ relatives or related organisations.

However, it seems to be a quite complicated and stressful process in terms of using traditional way of negotiations with bank managers, fulfilling hundreds of forms and doing huge paperwork. And just imagine its cost!

But there is a solution to simplify it and complete the task within few clicks on your mobile phone or laptop. No visits to banks, no confirmation letters and any proves of something to comfort your bank. Easy as ABC – specialised international money transfer service. One of the latest achievements of FinTech Industry.

An international money transfer is a safe, secure and convenient way to make payments from overseas that may be better value and faster than using your bank. The exchange rates offered by money transfer operator are better than the exchange rates offered by banks. The transfer fees are extremely low or even some money transfer companies offering free transfers. An international money transfer service may be used to make one-off or regular payments: moving money abroad as a gift or as a purchase, sending a salary or pension if you’re moving abroad.

Together with our partners we are happy to offer our clients the simple way to transfer money abroad. With technology and talent combined, we make foreign exchange easy. Sign up in minutes and instantly get live competitive exchange rates. No hidden fees. No outdated tech.

Does your transfer require assistance? Your dedicated account manager is there every step of the way. Providing expert guidance and support, 24/7.

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