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Property Management

Property Management

Professional property management is not all only about letting, controlling, deposits, compliance and repairs. We believe it is an extension of relationships, trust and respect built during the buying process.

Most people usually don’t focus on management while buying the property, but especially for overseas buyers and investors it may be a really crucial and necessary thing. When it comes to operations, real estate will always need a local presence. But with a property manager, you don’t have to be an expert on home ownership or the area where your investment is located.

Together with our trusted partners we provide our clients with professional property management service taking care of everything regarding the property:


Manage all energy suppliers and take control on utilities bills


Maintain, repair and renovate property properly and in time


Control maintenance and utilities cost


Represent owner in front of local authorities and official bodies


Let property according to local landlord-tenant laws and regulations


Collect rent and handle delinquencies


Pay all necessary taxes and charges regarding property on behalf on the owner

You can let us take care of everything; from property search and buying to renovation, from finding and screening the right tenants to handling all the financials without any geographic barriers, because we’ll treat their property as if it were our own.

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